Clean & Cute™
Revolutionizing Women's Intimate Hygiene

Clean & Cute™ is a hypoallergenic, organic, vegan panty wash developed by gynecologist Dr. Tosha Rogers to ensure that undergarments are truly clean. With only four all-natural ingredients, this product helps prevent vaginal infections and irritation caused by carcinogens found in harsh detergents.

Product Development
Clean & Cute™ was developed by chemist & gynecologist Dr. Tosha Rogers.
Product Focus
Prioritizes hygiene, healthy vaginal skin and bacteria free undergarments.
Product Features
Hypoallergenic, organic, non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free.
Health Considerations
Addresses issues caused by harsh detergents and infected panties.
User Benefits
Designed to prevent vaginal infections in women, jock itch in men and skin irritation.
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